Samsung, KT hooking up for new WiBro-enabled phone

1:23 AM Edited by Blony

If this picture looks a little "off," yeah, we know what you're talking about -- it's hard to say how any graphic designer could've mis-rendered a mocked-up screenshot this badly -- but just squint your eyes a little bit and play along, won't you? This is apparently a conceptual view of Samsung's new SPH-M8400 for South Korea's KT, which will become just the manufacturer's second phone to feature WiBro (and KT's first) after the M830 / M8300. In fact, they've coined a fun little term for it -- 3W -- which means you're getting WiBro, WiFi, and WCDMA all wrapped up in one for the total 3G / 4G experience. Neither a date nor pricing are easy to come by at this point, but unless you happen to be around Seoul, that WiBro compatibility isn't going to do you a heck of a lot of good anyhow.

Via Unwired View