Samsung F488 relaunched with new TouchWiz cut, 'i' suffix

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We would've expected the F480 to fade away quietly into the night, considering that it was the very first device Samsung launched to run TouchWiz back in the day -- but instead, they're taking a different approach by reloading it with the latest and greatest build and launching it anew. The F488i is a variant of the F488i for the Asian market that's been tweaked for an Asian market -- Hong Kong, in this case -- and that "i" on the end means that it's been hooked up with a so-called "3X TouchWiz user interface" (in other words, three pages of widgets on the home screen, not unlike Android), new social networking features, and photo contacts. The F480's still a pretty smart-looking phone even by 2009 standards, so we've got no problem with Sammy's tactic here -- not to say it much matters in the States.

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