Pantech announces Sky DuPont IM-U510LE luxury phone

8:33 PM Edited by Blony

Like Prada, Armani and Dolce&Gabbana before it, the French company S.T. DuPont has decided to enter the mobile market by making a cell phone in collaboration with a big manufacturer.

The manufacturer is Pantech, South Korea’s third largest handset maker, and the new phone is Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE.

The DuPont phone was announced today in Korea. Pantech says that its design is inspired by DuPont’s famous lighters.

The handset has gold-plated edges and it features a 3 inch touchscreen display, 2G-only connectivity, GPS and a 3MP camera. Other specs are not known at the moment.

Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE’s price will be of around $832, making it Pantech’s most expensive phone ever.

Via Telecoms Korea