Microsoft Recite killed off, but why?

2:48 AM Edited by Blony

Recite is one of the more innovative things to come out of Microsoft's Windows Mobile team in the past few years, a voice-based note-taking tool that gave users a quick way to say whatever was on their mind, archive it, and retrieve it later by speaking any keywords from the recording. The company offered it free of charge to owners of WinMo 6 and 6.1 devices earlier this year -- but Microsoft taketh away just as quickly as it giveth, apparently, because it's already pulling the plug on the tool at the end of December, which never actually made it out of "Technology Preview" status. Unfortunately, the client / server nature of Recite means that even existing users won't have a chance to keep using it, though Microsoft is offering tips on how to transfer voice notes up to a PC for archival. The app was genuinely cool, so we're hoping it's just being pulled in preparation for integration with a future version of WinMo -- they do say that the "ability to capture notes and reminders is an area we are still focused on and we will continue to consider your feedback to build out these rich experiences in upcoming products," after all -- but for the time being, the bell's tolling.

Via Ars Technica