LG's GB270 is the rare LG that doesn't look like an LG

7:00 PM Edited by Blony

Looks like this one quietly launched in a few markets several weeks ago -- but bear with us, because we think it's a pretty interesting little device. The first thing you'll notice is that it really doesn't look like an LG -- if anything, it looks like a cross between a Sony Ericsson and a no-name knockoff. The second thing that you may not notice is that the two phones you see here are really one and the same. The GB270, a member of LG's Dynamite series, has interchangeable covers that change both the color of the phone and its physical traits, swapping keypad and d-pad styles, the shape of the bezel, and even the presence of an external lanyard in the upper corner. Cool, yes -- less cool, though, is the triband GPRS radio, VGA camera, Bluetooth 1.2, and microSD support up to a meager 2GB. It's already available in some regions, and we're willing to bet you can find it unlocked for a song.

Via mobil.cz