Alltel picks up the Samsung Freeform, looks pretty well-defined to us

7:21 PM Edited by Blony

Most Americans likely won't ever get a crack at Samsung's latest low-end portrait QWERTY design, despite the fact that Virgin Mobile Canada's managed to snag it as the Link. Notice we said "most," because Alltel -- what little remains of it outside Verizon's clutches -- has picked it up as the "Freeform." The phone makes do with a 220 x 176 landscape display clocking in at 2.2 inches, a 1.3 megapixel camera (curiously forgotten from both the spec sheet and the press release), stereo Bluetooth support to accompany the microSD slot, GPS, and availability in both teal and burgundy -- both bolder choices than the deep gray offered up north. It runs $69.99 on a one-year contract (remember that those guys recently dropped the two-year deal), which is a little more than $20 less than what Virgin Mobile Canada's charging on prepaid.

Via Samsungusanews