Windows Mobile 7 chassis concept confirmed by Microsoft, not detailed

12:56 AM Edited by Blony

We still don't know what it looks like or when exactly it'll arrive -- rough estimate sometime in 2010 -- but Windows Mobile 7's being given special care by Microsoft with a chassis concept of "carefully defined hardware specifications" for hardware vendors, according to James McCarthy. As for what those specs are and how strictly it'll enforce adherence, we're still in the dark. If it's anything like what we saw with the rumored "Pink" specs from back in May, we're not too worried. Of course, it's in Microsoft's hands to screw up, and if they say it's okay to see StrongARM chips in WinMo 7 devices, someone'll do it, and we gotta imagine some negative vibes towards the mobile OS in general should someone ever have to manage a handset like that.

Via WMPowerUser