Sony Ericsson to ditch Windows Mobile, prepare Android and Symbian smartphones for 2010

7:06 AM Edited by Blony

Although Sony Ericsson has just unveiled the WM 6.5 Xperia X2, the Swedish-Japanese joint venture might never announce a Windows Mobile smartphone again.

According to Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-review, Sony Ericsson has “denied” to further support Microsoft’s mobile OS. The Xperia X2 is possibly the last SE device to come with Windows Mobile – the company has one more Windows phone in development, but it might be cancelled.

The reason for all this seems to be the fact that SE doesn’t believe Windows Mobile devices will sell well in the future. “Sales forecast is bad”, said Eldar.

And since WM must be replaced with something else, Sony Ericsson will migrate to Android and Symbian S60. The handset maker already has an S60-based smartphone, although unreleased (the Satio), and we’ve also heard about the Android-based Xperia Rachael.

Well, it looks like SE will have 4 Android phones and other 3 or 4 S60 phones next year. Assuming that these are well-received by customers, I don’t think that Sony Ericsson will have any reason to regret the fact that it abandons Windows Mobile (if it will indeed do it).

Via Mobile-review