Samsung's gilded W910 'VVIP' has everything but the Armani logo

5:58 AM Edited by Blony

Phones like the W910 serve as a stark reminder that design house Giorgio Armani really isn't doing much (if any) actual work in its ongoing partnership with Sammy; just compare it to the W820, for example. Both phones have golden shells, push the boundaries of understated tastefulness, and have little in the way of unique industrial design -- yet only the W820 bears the Armani name. The W910 instead goes by the "VVIP" moniker for release on Korean carrier SKT, featuring a 2.6-inch WQVGA AMOLED primary display, HSDPA, and an FM radio for something in the range of 500,000 won (about $406). Hey Armani, if you're listening: trust us, checker patterns are the next big thing, so you might want to get in on this.

Via samsunghub