Samsung M8000 Symbian S60v5 handset gets detailed. May never be launched

7:22 AM Edited by Blony

While still in development, the phones that became Samsung Jet S8000 and Samsung Omnia II i8000, were part of the line of products under the “Cubic” codename.

And they had one more sibling - Symbian based full touch handset – in their midst. Samsung M8000.

Well, had dug up some more info about this new high end Symbian phone. As you may remember, it looks very similar to Jet and Omnia 2.

According to Samsung M8000 UAProfile, the new Symbian handset is running on S60v5 OS, has 640×360px resolution touchscreen display and standard S60 Webkit browser.

Since it is part of the same “Cubic” family, other specs should be similar to those handsets and include that fast 800 MHz Samsung CPU.

Unfortunately, Samsung M8000 may never be launched.

If what I am hearing from Eldar is correct (and he mentioned this several times in his podcasts and personal blog), Symbian based Samsung Cubic has been cancelled, when Samsung has decided to change it’s strategy and not release any more high end Symbian phones.

Which, considering that other Cubic phones have been announced more then 2 months ago, sounds true.