Motorola W766 'Entice' ramping up for Verizon?

6:18 AM Edited by Blony

Seems like it was just yesterday that the W755 launched, doesn't it? Actually, no it doesn't -- it was a good fifteen months ago -- so it makes sense that Verizon would have a replacement all queued up and ready to go. The W766 has apparently graduated to the point of coolness where it's worthy of an actual name, getting the "Entice" title and featuring a 2.2-inch primary display, 2 megapixel cam, microSD support up to 8GB, and touch-sensitive music controls (just like the phone it's replacing). If you want it... well, the good news is that retailers are apparently already starting to take stock, but the bad news is that they're under strict orders to hold off on breaking 'em open until they've run out of W755s. So who's going to take one for the team and buy those up, huh?

Via Phonearena