MIU's vaporware HDPC now looking like a Nokia E90, but less buyable

6:02 AM Edited by Blony

The problem with your product not existing is that it's hard to make money off of it, and after a while, would-be buyers start to hate you and everything you stand for. On the plus side, redesign costs hover near zero, so why not play around and shoot for the moon with wild specs that we'll likely never have the opportunity to own? As far as we can tell, South Korea's MIU is no closer to launching its do-everything HDPC than it was a year and a half ago -- and if anything, they've actually managed to regress a bit since they actually had a real live prototype back then. Anyway, the latest round of virtu-changes gives us a larger primary display that's up to 1024 x 600 (we'll take all the resolution we can get since the $900 flavor is supposed to run XP), a grand total of three cameras, integrated GPS, HDMI out, and a T-DMB tuner. Strangely, the MID's phone face has taken on a distinctly E90 accent, right down to the inexplicable S60 screen shot used in the mockup -- but rest assured, you'll be able to buy, sell, and buy an E90 again before you'll be able to get your paws on the HDPC, which MIU says it's shopping around to distributors. We're keeping our easily-dashed hopes in check.

Via Engadgetmobile