Hands-on with Samsung Corby S3650

1:16 AM Edited by Blony

When I went to check out Samsung Corby S3650, cheapest (150 EUR) full-touch phone “for youth market”, I wasn’t expecting much.

I mean, how cheap can you go, and still have a good quality product?

So I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on Samsung Corby S3650.

Turns out, even though it might be several times cheaper then Samsung’s other touchphones, it ain’t much worse then most of them. Actually, Samsung Corby kind-of reminded me of Samsung F480, with similar display and dimensions.

Of course, Corby is made of plastic, does not have metallic shine to it. But it looks good, is solidly built, comes with newer TouchWiz 2 multi-desktop interface, and costs only half as much as F480.

The only thing that can be held against Samsung Corby, is the lack of 3G connectivity and somewhat lame 2 megapixel camera.

On the other hand, EDGE connection might be more adequate for the uploading of pics taken at 2 mpx resolution, then, say, if you had to upload 8mpx shots. And it’s perfectly good for staying in touch with other online social services, where most updates come in a text form.

And Corby is pretty good at that, coming equipped with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other widgets as part of Touchwiz UI ribbon.

Looks like we’ve got another Samsung touch smash hit in the works.

After all, if cheap’o Samsung Star is selling like hot cakes, to the tune of almost 2 million a month, what will happen to the phone that is almost as good, but significantly cheaper?

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