AT&T gets with the program, offers unlimited calling to 'A-List' numbers

12:37 AM Edited by Blony

Remember how ECON 101 taught you that competition was good? 'Tis true! Long after Alltel introduced the idea of giving customers unlimited calling each month to a select list of numbers, AT&T is mimicking Verizon's Friends & Family and T-Mobile's myFaves offerings with its new "A-List with Rollover." Subscribers with individual Nation plans of $59.99 or higher can phone up their very own VIP cast without tapping into their monthly bucket of minutes, theoretically allowing that rollover pool that you never, ever use to grow even larger. For individuals, you'll be able to select up to five domestic phone numbers (mobile or landline) to call for free, while FamilyTalk customers with plans of $89.99 or more can select up to ten numbers. As with competing plans, AT&T users will be able to manage their A-List online and change them anytime, though new numbers do take 24 hours to register. The time to field bids on securing a coveted spot within your own A-Team is now, with the feature opening up to all on September 20th.