Sienna Miller to promote the new LG Chocolate?

12:08 AM Edited by Blony

Officially announced yesterday, the brand new LG BL40 Chocolate will surely be heavily promoted by the world’s third largest handset maker.

And since there’s no better way to promote a product than in association with a famous star, LG wants to team-up with Sienna Miller, the American actress and model who’s famous for her roles in movies like “G.I. Joe” and “Factory Girl”.

According to The Korea Times, which quotes an LG spokesman, the South Korean company “is close to striking a business deal with Miller for promotion, though more time will be needed to finalize it, as some technical issues still remain.”

Moreover, the spokesman has confirmed that Sienna Miller (pictured below) is somehow connected with the upcoming phone, which is presented as a “strategically important consumer gadget.”

LG said that the BL40 would be available across the world starting this quarter, thus in September the latest. So I guess that we’ll soon see Sienna with an LG BL40 in her hand – or something like that.

Via UV