Pedal your Bike to Charge your Phone

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You’re riding along on your bicycle in an effort to be kind to the earth. As you pedal, you begin to generate power. That power is connected to your mobile phone and charges the battery while you ride. It sounds a little bit like a story out of the eco-minded future but it’s something that you can do right now if you happen to live in Australia.

A company named PedalPower+ is responsible for creating the new green phone charging device. As you generate power from your pedaling that power gets stored in a battery. The battery can then be hooked up to your mobile phone to charge it without relying on any other electricity. If you ride for two hours then you should end up with a fully charged phone.

The green efforts of the new device don’t stop there, though. The battery also utilizes solar power so that it can charge your cell phone even when you’re taking a break from riding your bike. That’s about as green as you can get for a mobile phone charger today.

With all of the advancements that have been made in using renewable resources to generate power, you might think that creating a simple device like this was relatively easy. You would be wrong. There were a lot of safety issues that came up when the makers of this product tried to connect electricity to a moving bike pedal. In the end, it took PedalPower+ about three years to get the product working correctly.

Now that it’s working properly, the device has finally been released to the market. At the current time it’s only available to bicyclists in Australia. However, the company is working on expanding to reach green-minded mobile phone users in both the U.S. and the UK.

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  1. Rajagopalan said...

    energy generation keeping the environment clean! very interesting!