Nokia 5530 XpressMusic out of box, handled on video, preferred over 5800

5:53 AM Edited by Blony

As far as we're concerned, Nokia's 5530 XpressMusic far and away out-classes its more expensive older brother the 5800, even if it is lacking in the 3G department. British phone retailer thought it best to tease us with an unboxing video of their own, along with some quick impressions of the touchscreen device. It's certainly a looker, and a sleek device they're pretty confident will do well. Some of the S60 5th edition additions are very welcomed, such as the new scrolling contacts bar, but for better and for worse (mostly worse), it's still S60. See it for yourself after the break, and if you wish really hard, there's a good chance this still won't get 3G, but at least you can say you tried.

Via Cell Addict Blog