Is Apple's Phil Schiller trying to free the App Store from arbitrary app rejections?

7:24 AM Edited by Blony

We've certainly seen plenty of curious rejections for seemingly innocuous applications submitted for inclusion in the App Store, and recently saw Phil Schiller stepping forward to explain one of the most mind-boggling of rejections yet: a dictionary that had the gall to define naughty words. Apparently that's becoming something of a mission of Schiller's, investigating apps that have been rejected, personally contacting developers in some cases, and in general working to make things right... or at least less wrong. However, from what we can see he's only being sent in when word hits the wire about the latest sorry app being sent packing; we're not sure whether he's working to correct all illogical app rejections, or only those that make the news. He is the VP of Marketing, so it wouldn't be entirely surprising for him to only be concerned about Apple's public image, but for now we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's also working to make wholesale improvements on the approval process over in Cupertino -- if only because we're sure the FCC won't be so kind.

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