Google warming up to enterprise support in Android this year

2:40 AM Edited by Blony

Of Android's weaknesses that prevent it from seeing wider-scale acceptance, its lack of any native enterprise-friendly features has to rank high on the list; sure, HTC and others have taken baby steps to smooth that situation over, but it's going to take a more deep-rooted effort from the OHA proper to fully support policies and those other totally boring security features that make corporate IT managers swoon. Without going into too much detail, Android patron saint Andy Rubin is now saying that business-specific capabilities will be baked into the platform's trunk this year -- though he cautions that the timing for manufacturers to pick up that code and include it in retail devices is totally out of his control (in other words, you realistically shouldn't expect them this year). With Google, Palm, and Apple all gradually making headway into the suitspace -- yes, we just made that word up -- we're guessing RIM's gotta be feeling a little heat.

Via mocoNews