VTech's Bluetooth-packing LS6245 offers "virtual" two-line phone system

7:03 PM Edited by Blony

VTech's already teamed up with T-Mobile for the carrier's landline-friendly @Home service, and it looks like it now also has a slightly different solution of its own for folks using both a landline and a cellphone. At the heart of it is VTech's LS6245 base unit, which functions just fine as a standard DECT 6.0 cordless phone all by itself, and can also be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to form a "virtual" two-line phone system -- letting you, for instance, take a landline call using the base unit's speaker phone and a cellphone call using the remote-like handset. Those really wanting to go crazy can also add up to twelve handsets to the setup (for $40 apiece), and the base unit itself ($80) will accommodate up to eight different Bluetooth devices paired to the system.

Via TestFreaks