New BlackBerry 8520 Curve Coming in August

5:55 AM Edited by Blony

Initially, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 looked as if it was going to only get a US release, however it has now been announced the new model will also be coming to the UK, and as soon as August. Visually, the 8520 looks very similar to the 8900 Curve which many are familiar with, but there are a few important differences under the skin.

These days, for a new phone to make a splash it has to have plenty of new bells and whistles, but with the 8520, RIM have gone the opposite direction, instead creating what should be an affordable entrance into the world of the high-quality, QWERTY-equipped smartphone. A 2 megapixel camera with video, a 2.6″ screen, Bluetooth and a simple media player don’t sound very exciting, but they do enable the price to be kept down, as will the lack of 3G.

Despite this lack of 3G, the 8520 will have Wi-Fi and be compatible with the BlackBerry App World, so provided you’re near a wireless Internet connection, the new Curve will do everything you ask of it. The 8520 will also introduce trackpad control, dedicated media keys and native Mac OS support too. But best of all is the brilliant BlackBerry messaging ability, from email and SMS to connections with social networks such as Facebook and Flickr, many new BlackBerry fans are set to be created with the release of the 8520 Curve!

Via Dialaphone