MSI Wind battery used as a not-exactly-portable, unreliable USB charger

8:26 PM Edited by Blony

Yes, we find the fact that our USB port won't charge our phone when our laptop is sleeping to be pretty annoying, too. But does that mean we'll rip the battery from it and use it as a semi-functional, clunky but self-sufficient charger? Well, probably not, but that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't. Now, we don't want to launch into a big round of spoilers or anything, but we'll say this: it takes a little over four minutes of sweet, blistering house music to get the battery off of the MSI Wind, and there are a couple of false starts before the phone (an iPhone) begins juicing up. The good news? It doesn't seem to permanently damage the battery pack in any way. The bad news? The song eventually does end. Check it out after the break.

Via Oh! Gizmo