Microsoft selects agency to create ad campaign for the WM7 Pink phone

5:50 AM Edited by Blony

. It looks like that rumored Microsoft Pink phone is a real device after all.

According to AdWeek, McCann’s T.A.G. ad agency was selected by Microsoft to create a marketing campaign for the Pink phone.

“Pink” is only a codename for the moment, but it’s said that the device behind this codename will feature Windows Mobile 7, high-end features, and it will be the very first Microsoft-branded smartphone.

Windows Mobile 7 should be ready as early as the fall of 2009, but the Pink phone will probably not be out before 2010.

Reportedly, the Pink handset will feature a new UI on top of WM 7, called Purple. This might be developed by Danger, the company that makes software for T-Mobile’s Sidekick series.

Well, now we have to wait for Microsoft to confirm all this, right?

Via ZDNet