Land Rover's S1 handset withstands torture tests, almost comes out on top

2:08 AM Edited by Blony

Of course the first question we have when a handset maker launches a set with an unconditional guarantee is, could we break it if we worked hard enough? Seems the tests Land Rover put its Sonim manufactured S1 through, including baking in a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven, tossing it off a second floor balcony, drowning it in a pint of beer, and even having an elephant stand on it didn't bother the S1 in the least. It did, however, finally meet its match when run over by the wheels of a three-tonne forklift. The Land Rover S1 includes and extra loud ringer to help it get noticed around jack hammers and such, a 2 mega pixel camera, 1,500 hour standby time, and that military meets weekend warrior look we know so many adore. The S1 will apparently be available on Orange from £25 -- though, we're not having any luck finding it -- and from Tesco for £250.

Via Slashdot