HTC Touch Pro- Stylish & Elegant Handset

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The main feature that would bring a customer closer to this new product from the line of HTC named HTC Touch Pro is its elegant design clubbed together with a large display. The QWERTY keyboard of this HTC Touch Pro fits into the palms perfectly and thus makes it a finger friendly one. The touch screen display of this cellular phone presents a TouchFlo 3D technology. With this feature the users can make use of the various features present in the cell phone via touching its screen.

The cell phone comes with a 2.8 inch VGA touch screen that provides four times as resolution of the smart phones thus making E-mail, documents and web pages appear sharper and easier to work on as compared before. The TouchFlo 3D technology provides a tremendously spectacular method to zip up through the various common cell phone tasks such as making calls, text messaging, making calendar checks and playing files. The HTC Touch Pro is definitely a new generation cell phone because all its features tend to make the cell phone operations seem easy and the cell phone in itself appear stunning.

The five row QWERTY keyboard allows the users to work extensively with E-mails and Microsoft Office Documents. The built in TV feature of the HTC Touch allows the users to deliver presentations with PowerPoint from the handset itself. The 2.8 inches VGA display assures that the users would get high quality viewing and the optical auto focus lens adds to this functionality.For taking quality pictures is present the 3.2 Mega Pixel camera that comes with auto focus.

HTC Touch Pro also provides various other great features such as a speaker phone that offers a great audio quality and a media player which allows the users to playback sound files that come in various formats. Taking of the connectivity aspect, HTC Touch Pro has support for Wi-Fi that makes it possible for the users to access internet as and when required.


HTC Touch Pro presents the new definition of handsets as it has combined together both the feature set and the design factor leaving the users delighted. Support for various audio formats, a 3.2 mega pixel camera and Wi-Fi connectivity are few such things that make this handset stand out of the crowd.

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