Crop For Free Helps Your iPhone Photos Fail Less

8:46 PM Edited by Blony

. One of my latest favorites in the App Store is Crop For Free. While it's not a new iPhone app, it deserves a fresh eye balling from our crack team of app reviewers. Crop For Free is a deliberately simple photo management tool that delivers on its promise without any fees attached. Though you will have to ignore some miniature ads.

Crop_for_free_app There's no useless page loading to deal with here. When the app is launched select Choose Picture to instantly access your photo library. Now select a photo and tap the crop button. A red frame appears around your photo allowing you to drag any corner to set your desired crop. Tap crop and then save. When your cropped image is complete the app confirms your new masterpiece has been saved to your library.

Photos can be cropped several times before saving, but your original image always remains in your library unharmed. The app also allows you to rotate your image for cropping in landscape mode.

Crop For Free is one photo utility app that should be downloaded to every iPhone or iPod touch because it's priced right. I use this app constantly to email epic photos of myself to my rabid fans in Japan. They truly appreciate a well cropped image.

Three words that make me as giddy as a school girl... Crop For Free.

Via iPhone Savior