Apple brings back iPhone app promo codes for 17+ apps

8:40 PM Edited by Blony

iPhone developers, your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears. Following the iPhone developer backlash that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) brought on themselves by prohibiting iPhone apps with a 17+ age-rating from being issued promotional codes, Apple is once again doling out promo codes to interested devs. Apple has apparently given in to consumer and developer-demand by lifting the promo code ban on any app that serves up unfiltered 3rd party content, a lot of violence, an embedded web browser or sexual content.

Promo codes are important for iPhone developers struggling to make a name for themselves in a space that now includes over 65,000 iPhone apps. In fact, this news comes on the heels of a fresh(ish) rumor that has Apple working on an iPhone AppStore revamp. Apple acknowledges that the AppStore is an awkward and confusing place to navigate, and has hinted that an improved AppStore interface is in the works.

Apple, your AppStore is hugely popular. Please put more work into making it more consumable.