We're in queue for the Palm Pre!

5:34 AM Edited by Blony

Still a couple of hours to go before Sprint opens its doors for Palm enthusiasts to get their hands on the Pre - the device that many claim is the make or break deal for Palm.

Our Contributing Editor, Aman Kapoor, has already parked himself on one such queue in SF and he's hopeful of getting hold of the Pre, which Palm themselves say will be in short supply initially.

OK, the queues ain't as daunting as one would expect associated with the iPhone but the good thing is there are a bunch of people who are really interested in Palm's new offering.

For the record, Aman has clicked and e-mailed this picture from his 16 GB white iPhone! You got it, the Pre already knows what it is competing against and let's see how well it is able to rise up to the challenge.

We will bring you more on this as soon as Sprint opens its door to Aman and his comrades who have sacrificed their sleep on a Saturday morning to line up for the Pre. We hope it's worth the sacrifice, fellas!

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