T-Mobile’s next Android phone: G1 Touch

6:47 PM Edited by Blony

. Rumours abound as always - and this one says that the Huawei U8230 will be launching later this year on T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) UK, and will be called the G1 Touch - so says Talk Android.

It would appear to be a great bit of kit, with a 3.5″ display, 3.2MP camera, and running on a Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) chipset. If the information is correct, then a 1500mAH battery will be on board, which should give is a decent runtime (for comparison, the iPhone battery weighs in around 1300mAH).

I have to say I really like the look of this phone - and if it ends up coming out, I might strongly consider getting a T-Mobile contract to get a lil’ Android-gadget love!

Via: Talk Android