Nokia E55 – The phone for you!

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. The Nokia E55 is a bar shaped mobile phone that comes with a QWERTY keyboard.

here are the other features of the Nokia E55:

*It is a light weight mobile phone which only weighs ninety six grams. It is also ultra slim and easy to hold, because it measures one hundred and sixteen grams in height by forty nine mm in width by nine mm in depth.

*It comes with a fitted battery that when fully charged can provide up to eight hours of talk time, six hundred and seventy two hours of standby time, and eighteen hours of music playback time.

*The Nokia E55 has a built in web browser with WLAN Wi-Fi technology, for users to be able to be connected to the internet wirelessly.

*It also comes with a built in music player with equalize, repeat and shuffle features. It also comes with audio recording (Mp4) and voice recorder, wherein users would be able to record their voices and use it as their personal ring tones.

*Users of this mobile phone would enjoy creating, sending and receiving simple text messages and multimedia messages with sounds and photos, and they can also exchange email messages with their friends or go online and chat with them, from this mobile phone.

*One of the features of the messaging system of the handset is the multiple deletion of messages, support for Lotus Notes traveller and text to speech message reader.

*The Nokia E55 comes with a 3.5 mega pixel camera that comes with four times digital zoom, auto focus and LED flash, which would provide users with excellent quality pictures and videos.

Good call features include call waiting, call hold, call divert and call timer. It also comes with a conference call to up to six contacts.It also comes with a ZIP manager and PDF viewer and Document viewer which would allow the user to view their files in Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF formats.

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