Nibiru touchscreen cellphone has a trackpad for easy surfing

8:27 PM Edited by Blony

. Smartphones have taken a leap beyond our novice thought of the mind. The intellect the engineers behind the outcome possess is pretty evident. The iPhone has reached as far as the 3GS and the Palm Pre has been competing notch for notch. Still, designers either for their grade projects or for the sheer passion to be in the league of their own, come up with cellphones not thought feasible. Such another introduction is the Nibiru cellphone concept from designer Andy Kurovets.

The distinctive feature of this innovatively designed touchscreen phone are its slide elements, the camera and the touchpad (for more comfortable surfing) sliding out from the rear, leaving the display wide open on the entire length of the cellphone. The MP3 player finds a place on one side, while the audio system (speaker) is placed on the opposite side. Such an accommodation for an MP3 player enables the user to change his favorite tracks without getting the phone out from the pocket. Are you ready for this neat project, I think it deserves to be on the shelves. Thoughts?

via Gizmowatch