The new iPhone 3G S boosts O2 store footfall by ten-fold

7:05 PM Edited by Blony

The launch of the new iPhone 3G S saw long queues outside stores this morning as O2 claimed footfall in its stores was 10 times higher than on an average day.

The operator said it sold more of the new devices in the first two hours than it would normally sell in one day, while its online shop saw a 150% increase in traffic.

Over half of O2’s iPhone customers have downloaded the new 3.0 software, after it went on sale on Wednesday (17 June).

The black version of the new iPhone is outselling the white by a 3:1 ratio, with O2 adding that it is ‘likely to sell out of some variants’ in ‘a number of stores’. More stock will be shipped this weekend.

Meanwhile, Carphone stores had started to sell out of the new model by lunchtime, with one Oxford Circus store sporting a ’sold out’ sign in the window.

Via Daily Mobile