National Geographic’s mobile games coming this year

9:39 AM Edited by Blony

National Geographic is getting ready to go mobile, big time. To help them along the way, the TV network is joining forces with RealNetworks, and together the two companies will bring five casual games burst with educational material to mobile users. We’re not hearing which platforms they will support, but we did caught the “cross-platform” word, meaning they’re not talking “just iPhone,” which is arguably the single most popular platform to develop for these days.

Commenting on the news, National Geographic’s Paul Levine said: “Our Interactive Platforms division continues to field a broad array of highly engaging and entertaining consumer products with universal appeal across multiple platforms, incorporating the best of National Geographic’s mission, brands and franchises. Millions of families and gamers of all ages around the globe are playing our games on consoles, handhelds, mobile phones and online, and we are thrilled to work with such creative and innovative partners to deliver next-generation ‘AAA’ titles and virtual experiences to our global audiences.”

We’re certainly looking forward to see the big company such as National Geographic taking mobile seriously and are looking forward to see what they can bring to the table…