LG KC 910 Renoir – The LG Touch Screen

3:20 AM Edited by Blony

. Before going for LG KC910 with the camera, users should know that it does not only take pictures using an 8 Mega-pixel resolution, but it also allows the editing and the printing of said photos for smoother browsing, should you wish to send them online. On top of that, LG KC910 camera also comes with several capabilities that are featured only on digital ones, such as Schneider Kreuznach lens, manual and autofocus, Xenon flash, ISO 1600 and geo-tagging. It is also said, that this device will operate and deliver better pictures than most corresponding digital cameras.

By using the Touch Shot function, the camera focuses and stabilizes the image, and the picture is taken the moment you remove your finger from the screen. In addition, this feature works very well with the intuitive interface, thus simplifying enormously your tasks when working on it. It also makes using the multimedia, messaging and many other features far more easier, also thanks to the Qwerty keyboard, which is available if you choose it over the normal keyboard. All in all, these features make for a much easier to manage device, whether it comes to multimedia, photographing or Internet navigation.

Finally, the last but not the least is the Dolby Mobile service, which creates a great listening environment by bringing extra clarity and strong bass distribution for a great multimedia experience. The video capability of this LG KC910 is pretty remarkable as well, especially if we consider the fact that it shoots 120 frames per second, is able to use the slow motion shooting feature, and compresses the data when filming for longer periods. Moreover, it really offers a very pleasing multimedia experience on all levels, and actually comes with dimensions and a design few could have imagined.

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