Intel, Nokia collaborate to launch new mobile computers

6:02 AM Edited by Blony

. Intel and Nokia have announced a strategic, long-term relationship that should bring us “a new class of Intel Architecture-based mobile computing device and chipset architectures”.

According to the two giant companies, their goal is to develop a new mobile platform capable of combining high-bandwidth mobile communications, Internet connectivity, and the power and efficiency of computers.

The future devices from Nokia and Intel will come in a “user-friendly pocketable form factor”, offering the best we get today from smartphones, netbooks and notebooks. So they’ll probably be somewhat similar to Nokia’s Internet Tablets, but more powerful and with more features.

Intel and Nokia also plan to collaborate on the software side. Their devices will use open source platforms – Maemo and Moblin are mentioned.

(this is our rendering of the rumored Nokia Sparrow)

Intel further said that it has signed an agreement with Nokia to license its HSPA/3G modem technologies.

Sadly, the two companies did not mention when their first products will be commercially available.

Anyway, today’s announcement comes to confirm the Intel-Nokia oFono project, as well as Nokia’s plans to develop new MIDs and mobile computers, plans of which we’ve heard several times until now.

Via Press release