HTC Hero hands-on

6:26 AM Edited by Blony

. We're going to need some real time with the device to make a final opinion, but we're cautiously optimistic that HTC has a winner with its new Hero. The beveled edges along the back makes the handset sit comfortably in the hand and the new Sense UI riding a capacitive touchscreen and people-centric approach to managing your information is absolutely dreamy at first blush. The on-screen keyboard also seems quite useable with a nice simulated haptic forced-feedback bounce when you strike each key in either landscape or portrait mode. This intuitive one-hander isn't shy with the specs either as we've already seen in the official press release. Our only concern is possible sluggishness from the Qualcomm processor that cause the graphic transitions to stutter a bit and results in screen rotations that feel dangerously uncomfortable. But we were told that the device we saw was running pre-production firmware so there's still time to tweak -- though not much with a July European launch. We had a sit down with HTC execs and learned that the Hero is not a "Google Experience" device. As such, you won't find the Google logo anywhere on the device (no big deal) but you also won't be downloading any apps over the air -- sideloading only kids. Not a deal breaker but an annoying and seemingly arbitrary limitation nonetheless. We're upping video and pics over this janky WiFi as we speak so check back for updates. In the meantime, we've dropped in a few side-by-side shots with the HTC Magic, Nokia N97, and iPhone 3G after the break.

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