Flick Your Way to Fun: Paper Toss for the iPhone from Backflip Studios

6:16 AM Edited by Blony

Often times I can’t resist the free app. You know, as long as the concept is intriguing, the graphics look half decent, and reviews are solid… I’ll almost give them a whirl. One of my favorite freebies for the iPhone lately is ‘Paper Toss’ from the folks at Backflip Studios.

The object of the game is simple. Toss a ball of paper into the trash can as many times in-a-row as you can. You throw the paper by simply swiping your finger up in the direction you wish to throw it. Things get complicated just a touch by an office fan that provides wind changes to make things difficult. There are 3 levels of difficulty and an online scoreboard to help you gauge your skill.

At the moment my high score on ‘Easy’ is 78. Not bad… I know I could beat that tally, but I really don’t want to sit for 5-10 minutes in an attempt to do so :P I had my fun, now YOU try and beat it!

Via IntoMobile