Bluetooth Questions Answered

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If you are not familiar with Bluetooth and how it works you may have some questions as to what it’s all about. Basically Bluetooth is a wireless protocol, which allows to devices to connect together without the use of the cable. Initially introduced by Toshiba there are now over 2000 companies involved with SIG to help standardize how this works across many mediums.

Here are a few questions that we have received hopefully be of some help.

How To Transfer Data Using Bluetooth

If you’re looking to transfer data across to mobile phones you can simply go into your settings on one phone and do a search for a new Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. Bluetooth has been designed to make it and easy to use and locating other devices is actually quite simple. Once you have found the other phone you can then select this and may prompt you for a password to standard password on Bluetooth is 0000. Once this is done you should be able to transfer files across two phones generally this will include photographs, MP3s and possibly video.

If you’re looking to transfer data from a phone to a laptop is basically very similar. Your laptop must be Bluetooth enabled and from the phone is simply to the same procedure and search for any Bluetooth devices. Again you will be prompted for a password once selected. From the laptop then you should have access to phone you can select and transfer data files across.

How Fast Is Bluetooth Data Transfer

Unfortunately this is not as fast as using a general WiFi network. Bluetooth works at 1 Mbps but generally you would be only transferring small files anyway.

Is it free to transfer data via bluetooth to another phone

There is absolutely no cost in transferring data between two phones via Bluetooth. Of course both phones is of course be Bluetooth enabled and generally most phones are except in very low end ones. If you are in doubt about this and are worried you can simply remove the SIM cards from both phones and transfer the data across.

How To Connect PC And Phone With Bluetooth

There are a number of ways to do this. Some computers will come with Bluetooth already built in otherwise you will have to buy a USB Bluetooth dongle. Generally if you are using a Windows operating system it will pick up the USB dongle and uninstall generic drivers. You may also receive drivers when you purchase this and should be quite easy to install. Once you are happy that this is now working on your PC from your phone go into your settings and select Bluetooth. From here, you can search for any Bluetooth device is nearby, you would then get a list of any Bluetooth enabled devices locally again because this only works over 10 m it should be very limited in what you find once you have selected the PC entered the password which is generally 0000 you should now be connected.

Where Will I Find Bluetooth

You’ll find it in mobile phones, headsets, laptops, car kits, printers, digital photo frames, blu ray players and many more electronic devices.

The introduction of Bluetooth into many electronic devices has made a big difference to what we do. For example the safety aspect that we know have by using Bluetooth headsets and car kits when driving allowing us to keep both hands on the steering wheel and concentrating on what you’re doing. Being able to transfer files from your phone to a laptop or PC has made a huge difference and also means that you do not have to have a specialized cable for every single mobile phone that you have.