Windows Mobile improves its integration with Facebook

9:38 AM Edited by Blony

The mobile market is walking in the direction of smartphones is increasingly palpable. And in that future applications will have a growing role in conveying the value of the products. Microsoft knows this and has been working on improving the user experience facebook, creating its own official client, which apparently would be released in the near future.

While waiting anxiously for her new Facebook client for Windows Mobile, we already have a list of facilities that will support:

* Profile: Ability to view, edit, update status, writing on the wall, add photos and videos, and send messages.
* News updates. It can view, reply and delete items.
* Status Updates: View the status, update and view the table of changes.
* Photos and videos: Here are promising to be the only application on the market that will upload videos directly from your phone. (an asterisk to make this comment at the end)
* Wall: as we said, can post and delete posts of the wall.
* Friends Profile: Lets invite comments on the state, see the complete profile and send mails, or calls on the SHIP profile.
* Email: Allows you to view, send and reply to mails.
* Notifications: lets you view, accept or accept notifications as well as invitations and requests to confirm

As it will be the only application that allows to send videos directly from mobile phones, should review the market for good competition, because as we recently contara Mauro, Qik has enabled this option.

Surely we will hear more of this application, and it is not surprising that the WM6.5 build and integrate even more.

via WMPU