Vodafone and its call

6:42 AM Edited by Blony

At this time, working as a teleoperator company phone service must be worse than being soccer referee. When flames to try to solve a problem just acordándote their family, and when they call you to try to sell the new tariff or promotion of the moment, I again mandar memories.

The good news is that this leads to hostility and criticism rather silly fun, fun as this false news published in March in The World Today and in stating that Vodafone will replace your customer service staff for unicellular organisms:

With the intent to optimize resources and reduce costs without diminishing
the quality of service, the phone company Vodafone has decided to replace its
entire customer service staff by a legion of paramecios protozoa, amoebae and
ciliates. [...] Vodafone has backed its decision by presenting the results of a
survey in which the most frequent service is in its "No", "I move to another
department" and "We have opened an incidence"; all , according to Vodafone,
"perfectly acceptable for a properly instructed hominis.

Someone's sure to think your company could do something similar and neither was the difference notary. A greeting to all the good operators and telephone operators, surely some will.

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