ViewSonic enters the market for smartphones

6:28 AM Edited by Blony

No news is that manufacturers of televisions and LCD monitors are also involved in manufacturing smartphones ... think Samsung, LG, NEC and Acer to.

Now the new player who wants to join the club is ViewSonic, which is launching the first 3G devices with connectivity into China and then spread to Europe and United States. Passage could not have said a date?

California until the company launched a press release which included plans to make its product line from 3 to 300 inches (!).

"ViewSonic's heritage in terms of display technology plays an important role in the development of smartphones. Consumers are demanding larger displays and better color saturation and contrast to take advantage of new services like mobile internet, television, video, games and eBooks ", thus ensuring that we can imagine some type of device you have in mind.

In addition, ViewSonic CEO James Chu, launched: "With 20 years of experience in this display is a natural extension of our experience of product. This is an important strategic step for ViewSonic, since it allows us to apply our technology to display an even larger market with a strong global growth. "

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