Updated (unofficial): Samsung Omnia with WM6.5

6:31 AM Edited by Blony

Smartphones that are pushing the boundaries of the cellular market is already a fact. And if not, look what's going on with the Samsung Omnia. Although this is not the only, nor the only manufacturer that happens, we will use it as it shows today.

Boys modaco bring this version of ROM for Omnia with Windos Mobile 6.5 release 21210 (if you still have these heinous hexagonal panels!). By the comments of those who have tried these ROMs that we knew would have a better usability on the touchscreen, better and more fluid movement in the menus, and lower memory consumption among the most encouraging.

As always a warning for those who want to install these ROMs: It is at your own risk and should have knowledge before then repent.

Now the second part of the story: Although this type of ROMs for now appears to be somewhat half "under" is still only reserved for techies fans, the quantity and quality of the work of these communities puts them a step ahead of the manufacturers terminal, but hurry to refer to their teams of engineers to the next "megaproducto" in supporting and updating the millions of computers that are sold in different markets.

I think it is time for manufacturers to understand that the market for mobile phones is different from the refrigerator (eg, shorter life cycles / largest number of models / R & D costs higher against other product lines) and if not able to give support to the updates of their own teams, they should forge partnerships with these communities recognized for ROMs "unofficial" be even "partially" as the official or wish to call.

It occurs to me as an example that some users would accept limits on the guarantees for the ability to receive new ROM recognized sources that enhance the experience or the performance of the phones they paid more than U $ S 300, way to extend the life of their products.

Finally, it seems to me that Nokia already understood that, and that as in other things, is a step in the market. Remember the amount of new firmawares available for each model, and then think of some other manufacturer to release many official updates constantly.