SMS Chat 1.2, conversations mo 'iPhone on WinME

12:51 AM Edited by Blony

After avervelo presented at launch, we return to talk about SMS Chat: Instant Messaging application, fee, produced by VITO. Made entirely by touch screen interface, is compatible with Smartphone equipped with Windows Mobile.

The product allows you to keep your messages organized sms, in an orderly and chronological, aggregating in a single conversation for each contact. The new version, numbered 1.2, allows you to choose your favorite theme for the graphical interface, allowing a combination with external programs (eg Winteface).

Moreover, there is a feature to the immediate of all messages, so as to prevent accidental loss. The product, testable free for 14 days, has a cost of $ 14.95 (approx. € 11) and is located entirely in Italian. For more details, refer to the official site.