Screenshots Of The N-Gage Client On The Nokia N97

5:45 AM Edited by Blony

. Good news for the gaming enthusiasts, if these indications are to be believed the Nokia N97 will be running N-Gage by the time it hits stores worldwide. The client is already ready and it looks exactly like the one available on other S60 3rd Edition devices. The last time I had a virtual play with the Nokia N97, there was no N-Gage despite a folder titles ‘Games’ being present, this time I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few screenshots of the client as seen via Forum Nokia’s RDA. There was only one game ‘Asphalt 4 - Elite Racing’ installed.

Unfortunately, this was the last screen I was able to reach. After this the device didn’t load the game. I suspect this was due to the fact that I was accessing it remotely via the RDA. The right options bar seems to be able to house shortcuts to three most played games, that’s the reason I think the Asphalt 4 is there.

Is N-Gage an important factor for your N97 purchase decision?

Vip thesymbianblog