The Samsung Alias 2 double Clamshell, soon for sale

7:36 AM Edited by Blony

. Apparently, according to some friends of ninjas BGR, the Samsung Alias 2 will be launched in all Verizon stores next week and will have some very aggressive prices.

The Samsung Alias 2 Clamshell novel is that we saw recently and that can be opened in a transverse or longitudinal. Has developed a dynamic keyboard with electronic ink (e-ink) displays alphanumeric keys that when in an upright position but moves to a full QWERTY keyboard when it starts in landscape mode.

EVDO Rev0 unfortunately, so its global market is limited and in our markets is limited to some countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The price of the Verizon team, with two-year contract is $ 80 with a $ 50 ticket that includes all the VCast multimedia services.