Recensione INQ: proof of the mobile phone dedicated to the Three Messenger, Skype and Facebook

8:58 AM Edited by Blony

. Thanks to Tre Italy we experienced the INQ, new mobile phone dedicated to young and old who want to keep in touch via IM, Skype and social network.

In a small case with a very traditional form factor (slide the numeric keypad) are a fact that makes the software easy to use its philosophy.

Starting from the initial screen, in fact, can the various web applications including Facebook, Skype, Live Messenger, YouTube, mail and the Internet. At the center is the widget for the weather, the clock and the search bar of Google.

In the video (after the jump) are testing the various applications and in the gallery displays some examples. After our test the INQ has proven a successful project can bring the web applications available to everyone through a monthly fee (payable only from 2010, when it's free up to December) of only € 5, including web traffic, mail, Facebook, IM and Skype.