OVI Mail is also now integrated with OVI.com

6:42 AM Edited by Blony

OVI Mail got another update today (it was only a few weeks before the last update). OVI Mail is also now integrated with OVI.com. Get your free email address

Changelog for the update

* We’ve added two important features: Ovi Mail is now automatically checking for new messages, and you can mark messages as ‘read’ without opening them.
* We fixed a problem in Chrome and Safari (on Mac) where a message sometimes didn’t get sent as intended. Thanks for helping us track this down.
* We’re always improving the look and feel of Ovi Mail to make it more appealing and easy to use. Look out for changes in auto-complete, notifications and various improvements to the compose screen.
* Ovi Mail is now available in 3 additional languages: Italian, Vietnamese and Latin America Spanish. And we made improvements to the existing translations.

via Nokia