Ovi by Nokia Store boot thousand applications ... rapprochement with iPhone developers

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Already in May and entered the store of applications for Nokia ovi Store should be opening their doors at any time.

In-home service for sharing MOSH mobile content created by users, and put a recuadrito explaining that the site will disappear to leave place to ovi Store after 2 years and nearly 140 million downloads. The same will happen to Download! Widsets and all you are left instead to centralize ovi Store the contents to include mobile gaming N-Gage.

A few days ago, during the Nokia Developer Summit of Monte Carlo was Eric John, director of marketing for Forum Nokia, and said that thousands of apps that were being analyzed and when the ovi Store starting this month in the 8 countries announced (among them Spain) have at least a thousand applications.

He added that the expected applications of Nokia store will have all kinds of apps available, including some of the style they call corporate applications of productivity for users oriented business.

With regard to the App Store from Apple, John was rather ironic: "We are grateful that they are having much success with its App Store, because now I do not have to explain what it means to an application. Apple popularized the term. "

In that sense, Srikanth Raju, director of product marketing for Forum Nokia, the Finnish company revealed that an event held at its offices in Mountain View for the iPhone for developers to talk about opportunities to build or migrate existing apps to the ovi Store, and assured that the developers were very interested.

Another who spoke was Rob Taylor, head of Forum Nokia, who said that any strategy that has to do with the money they can do with developers (oh I thought it was all for the love of the software: P), which highlighted saying that the platform will reach 50 million devices (!) "very soon". Step of a very interesting project to embed hundreds of applications to versions of the Nokia N97 in each region.

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