Now this is so easy to creat your own iPhone themes

7:21 AM Edited by Blony

. There are tons of iphone themes available for download but if you are looking for your custom theme then you have to make one yourself. Now this is so easy with free online iPhone Theme Maker you can creat your own iPhone themes easily with a few clicks without any pro knowledge just browse your computer for images to use in theme and download your theme and apply on your iPhone.

iPhone theme maker let you creat themes for your iPhone the way you want them to be you can put wallpaper, dock and statusbar images of your own choice you can select from the images in gallery or from your computer. You can change each and every icon according to your choice there are many good iphone icons available in the gallery or you can choose one from your own computer.

When you are done putting all images of your choice in their places just click on “compile theme” you’ll be then able to download theme in ZIP or PXL format and you are done thats it you now have a custom iphone theme to put on your iPhone, impress your friends and enjoy.

via Sneer Well