Nokia Mako, Thresher and Snapper leaked!

5:16 AM Edited by Blony

Engadget's exploits with its newly-found stash of AT&T documents continue as it reveals new, unusual Nokia gear that is headed for the American carrier. While the Thresher and the Snapper are simple S40 devices, we are curious about the Maco , which is the most uncharacteristic Nokia device we have ever seen.

The sliding QWERTY keypad toting device makes the E75 look stunning. It has a 2.4 inch QVGA display and no alpha-numeric keypad on the bottom of the display, which means one has to slide open the keypad to do anything that requires typing. We ain't sure why there is an insane amount of space left vacant above the display. It just makes no sense. Otherwise, the Maco is decently specced with a 2.0 MP camera, A-GPS and the usual bells and whistles. We just hope that this one remains Stateside and doesn't swim over to this side of the pond.

via Engadget